Swazipharm is Swaziland’s largest distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment to the healthcare system of Swaziland, including Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Local Government, Clinics, humanitarian organisations, private organisations, missionaries Pharmacies & Chemists etc. We provide an efficient and reliable link between regional/international pharmaceutical manufacturers and health related institutions in Swaziland.

Swazipharm Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd has been operating in Swaziland since 1985 . For more two decades Swazipharm has been providing its service to the Swazi nation and has grown to be the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Swaziland. Swazipharm continues to provide quality service to Swaziland through modern management systems and a highly motivated technical team. 

We care for you, We care for Swaziland

We are your Pharmaceutical Partner of choice through professional, cost effective and timely service delivery”..


Our Constant Pursuit 

Swazipharm is a ISO 9001 certified company providing quality care to the government of Swaziland, private companies and organisations involved in healthcare services across the kingdom. 


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