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Continuing Professional Development

Because our people and their health are crucial to us, we have made an important choice which will affect all associated with us. We undertake to ensure that all our medical and healthcare professionals are kept up-to-date and fully informed of the latest developments and advances in healthcare. This will ensure that they deliver only the very best in patient care.

This is the background to our partnership with Medical Practice Consulting (MPC). MPC provide access to a broad range of reputable online medical journals that support continuous professional development (CPD). The outcome will be that Eswatini’s healthcare professionals will be able to access over 130 sponsored, peer-reviewed and CPD-accredited medical journals from leading publishers on the MPC Education Platform.

MPC CPD Education platform
As Africa’s leading online CPD management and education system, the MPC CPD Education and Compliance Platform provides healthcare professionals with:

  • Comprehensive online medical education. This includes medical journals and single CPD courses, various medical short courses and registered qualifications.
  • State-of-the-art CPD management solutions. This makes the management of professional development requirements much easier and guides healthcare professionals to achieving CPD compliance.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Access over 130 FREE CPD Journals here


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